This is a two day meeting, focusing on each of the key topics. Invited talks of 20 minutes and contributed talks of 12 minutes are foreseen, both including time for discussion. In addition a 30 minute review talk will be scheduled in which an overview of the field of modern astrometry and its science applications will be given. There will also be a 30 minute slot for poster presentations.

Astrometry science highlights

  • Modern astrmometry review talk
  • Gaia DR2 and Gaia (E)DR3
  • VLBI
  • AO-assisted narrow field astrometry
  • Ground based surveys

Invited speakers Lennart Lindegren. Rachel Beaton, Sergey Koposov, Paolo Tanga

Astrometric techniques

  • Global astrometry, lessons learned from Gaia
  • Narrow-field high precision astrometry
  • Astrometry from ground based surveys
  • VLBI astrometry

Invited speakers Mark Reid, Sylvestre Lacour

Dense and accurate reference frames to optimize the science return from extremely large telescopes and large sky surveys

  • Astrometry with extremely large telescopes
  • Optical-radio synergies
  • Space-ground synergies

Invited speakers Davide Massari, Francois Mignard

Future astrometric surveys

  • VLBI, SKA, …
  • Research and development needs for achieving sub-microarcsecond astrometry
  • Opportunities for coordination
  • Synergies with other space missions: Euclid, CSST, Roman, …

Invited speakers David Hobbs, Richard Dodson

Synergy between astrometric, photometric, and spectroscopic surveys

  • Astrometry and photometry (LSST, SkyMapper, DES, …)
  • Astrometry and spectroscopy (WEAVE, 4MOST, SDSS-V, …)

Invited speakers Ana Queiroz, Chao Liu